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There are two types of people in this world: those who like camping, and those who do not. For some there’s nothing like being down and dirty with Mother Nature and living off the land. For others, this is a punishment worse than death. But, fear not my Summer adventurers. There is a way you can have the best of both worlds- Glamping a.k.a Glamorous Camping.


Glamping brings together the experience of being outdoors with a little more amenities. Places have been popping up all over the United States where you can book a tent, cabin, even a trailer so you can sleep in a bed, have access to a restroom and can still end the night fireside unlike a traditional hotel. But, if you’re looking to simply elevate your camping experience here are some fun ways to vamp it up.

Not Your Average Tent 


These new an improved tents are sturdy, waterproof and a blank canvas for a comfy daybed, some cute blankets and is perfect for hanging string lights.

Ditch the Sleeping Bag

Instead go for a daybed that all the girls can crash on. Don’t forget all the comfy blankets and pillows!


Lay down a rug in your tent for a pop of color, but also so your feet hit something soft and cozy first thing out of bed.

String Lights

Battery-powered ones will add a little pizazz to your space.


Bluetooth speakers will keep the campsite bumping. Bonus points for  bringing one these new portable Crosley record players.

Solar Powered Charger

You want to selectively unplug, not be forced to due to dead batteries. This one is less than $20


Nap time under a shaded tree? Sounds like a great idea to us.

Fancy a picnic?

Grab a picnic basket that comes with cutlery and dishes so you have everything portable and ready to go in one place. A picnic blanket to sprawl out on works for mealtime, but also a place to lounge and read, drink, whatever. Add on some outdoor pillows and you’ve got a full-on lounge area

Portable Kitchen

Yes, you read that right. There is a portable kitchen you can take with you that has a gas stove, sink and more.

Portable Bar

It’s a bar in a briefcase! Carry all your bar tools with ease and make craft cocktails any and everywhere.

See, camping doesn’t have to be rough! Just a few upgrades and you’ve got an experience everyone can get on board with.