Life in Full Spring: How to Handle the Equinox for Each Zodiac Sign - Life Clothing Co

When you clinked those champagne glasses together at midnight on January1st, 2018, you thought you were saying “cheers” to a new year. And while yes that was accurate, we are now on the heels of another new beginning. In fact, the Spring Equinox is the start of the new astrological year. March 20th brought us into Aries and all zodiac signs are ready to kick winter to the curb and enter the season in full bloom. But, in order to do so, you must give yourself some self-love to reach your full potential. Here’s how to move into the new season as your best self; remember, the stars are always on your side.


In order to march ahead, you must give credit to what you have done. Your impatience and fiery personality is prone to self-doubt when you don’t reach your destination as fast as you’d like. Now that it’s YOUR time, and we’re in your house, you’ll begin to shine brighter than ever before with charisma to burn. Use this to reach new goals.


Block out naysayers. Write down strengths and achievements you’ve done in the last year. If any negative feedback comes your way, you’ll know your worth and know that those who are criticize are doing so out of their own insecurity. Also, things you’ve been needing to work on for a while comes to the surface and you can ignore it and face it head on like the strong bull you are. We suggest you take the later, because once you work these things out you will be UNSTOPPABLE.


You can be a little all over the place and that’s okay, it’s a part of your charm. It’s that same charm that draws everyone to you for your unorthodox ways. That being said, you may be vocal but you’re not always the most verbally affectionate. This time, let those you value know how much they mean to you. Strengthen those emotional muscles and your popularity will soar to even greater heights.


Things are changing left and right around you and suddenly your life looks completely different this year than it did last. Sounds a lot like, “New year, new me” amiright? Embrace this by celebrating the loss of toxic people, places and things. Remember, you are a little emotional sponge picking up on all the energies and feelings around you. Imagine how free you’ll feel without all that. Positivity is waiting to surround you.


You’ve been a little restless lately. Luckily, your energy is ramping up and you’re going to feel inspired in different aspects of your life. But, before you get there don’t forget to feel gratitude. You have a lot of things to be thankful for and by giving way to positive thinking you’re going to start feeling abundance. Your cup will runneth over.


Relax! This is something that does not come easily to you sweet Virgo. You prefer to grab life by the horns, but this time you’re feeling confused and questioning everything. Ironically, by not trying to control things the answers will come to you. Take care of yourself and you’ll receive everything you need.


Your natural sunny disposition has been a little cloudy just like the weather lately. But, with the emergence of warm weather and longer daylight comes an equally bright change of heart. Jumping into social situations and using your Libra charm will help kick off this new positive outlook. That being said, positivity breeds positivity so just watch as more good things continue to come your way.


Try new things! Get out and move your body. Shaking stuff up is going to do more than give you a better body, it will set off a chain reaction. By putting yourself in different situations you will receive different feelings, mindsets and answers about things you’ve been fixating on. Time to get out of that rut!


You’re on the heels of a transformation. Focus on what brings you joy, regardless of what others think or what others do. You’re going to learn a lot about yourself and these are things you will carry on ensuring you live your best life, on your terms.


You’re ready to face things head on. Feelings, circumstances and whatever you’ve suppressed is now yours to conquer. You are the only one holding you back and new you have a newfound inner power that is ready to be unleashed. This is your time.


Intention is the key word for you. What do you want to be, do and say? Now is the time to be unapologetically yourself. It may be scary but people like people who are authentic. This will actually lead to more acceptance from yourself and others.


You’re an emotional water sign that’s stronger than you think. View emotional challenges as growth opportunities and watch yourself bloom before your eyes. During these times treat yourself something new you’ve been eyeing. The reward will serve as a sign to yourself that you are worth it.