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Such Great Heights: Best Rooftop Bars in the U.S

There are a few things better than longer days and warm Summer nights, except drinking. And not just any drinking, but drinking outdoors. On a rooftop. While having brunch, partaking in happy hour, or enjoying the stars, here are the best rooftops in the U.S to grab a beverage and celebrate LIFE!



Downtown Los Angeles, California

Photo-  Flickr via David Merrett

If you’re in that New York state of mind but have one problem….you’re on the west coast, then look no further than Perch. The vibe of people mix and mingling after work in the big city just screams East Coast. But, this is LA and that means everyone from a filmmaker in a ripped t-shirt and fedora is having a conversation with a dude who spent the last 7 hours looking at legal documents. Basically, in LA anything, and anyone goes. While this place is stunning in the daytime, come and night and take in the jaw-dropping downtown skyline while sipping a pre-prohibition era cocktail from a coup glass.


Mama’s Shelter

Hollywood, California

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Photo: Instagram via @christinemichellee

Hands down the best place to enjoy rooftop cocktails at sunset in the greater Los Angeles area. Okay it’s not the beach and I know that usually takes the win. But, TRUST. Maybe it’s because the table and chairs line the rooftop in varying pops of colors and it just screams summer. Or it’s the day beds you’ll bundle up under a Mexican blanket with your girls once the night falls and cool air sets in. And when you’re three deep in peach white wine sangrias you’ll be overcome with a sense of awe of this crazy city that surrounds you. Or you’ll realize you’re just drunk.


The Clarendon

Phoenix, Arizona

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Photo- Wikipedia Commons

Being outside in Phoenix in the SUMMER? How dare we make this suggestion right? Fear not, all Phonecian establishments are aware of the fact that heat rises and yes you are in fact on a rooftop. That means cool light dishes and cool hard drinks are on the menu. Also, there will always be water present, and not just in a glass. The skybox is great once night falls, but while it’s still sweltering the pool will keep you cool. Voted one of the best pools in Phoenix, they are known for their 60-foot water wall and a bubbling hydro spa that holds 50 people.  Make friends, drink alcoholic horchata milkshakes and be merry.



 Las Vegas, Nevada

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Photo- Flikr via jill, jellidonut... whatever

Las Vegas, you’re so extra. Voodoo is classic, over the top Vegas, just how Mama used to make it, only on a rooftop. Which makes it 1,000x better. Let’s face it those city lights are pretty impressive from the street, but what about from thousands of feet above? Brilliant. This place has dinner, dancers, fishbowl cocktails and all your Vegas staples. Even better, Voodoo turns into a nightclub. So, you really can get a place that does both.


POV Rooftop Lounge and Terrace at the W

Washington D.C

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Photo- Wikipedia Commons

Who needs a tour of the White House when you can hit up the other W, W hotel that is. Instead of standing with sweaty tourists crowding in front our great nation’s landmarks you can keep cool with some seasonal cocktails. Cocktails are trendy interior design are not good reasons to miss out on a history lesson. But, you can maybe plea for an extension on that lesson because the POV rooftop lounge actually has views of the White House and the aforementioned monuments. Sounds like you’re in for a live episode of Drunk History.


Mr. Purple at Hotel Indigo

Lower East Side Manhattan, New York

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Photo- Pinterest

Few things are cooler than Mr. Purple when it comes to rooftop drinking in NYC. I mean, it is in the lower East Side which screams “I’m not trying to be cool, I am this cool.” The pool deck has expansive views of Manhattan that beg you to stay a little bit longer…and order just one more drink. Even inside, the decor is trendy, but inviting and the sweeping windows give it an airy feel. Also, the food here is killer so this place isn’t all style and no substance.