Summer's in the Stars- Summer Horoscopes - Life Clothing Co

Summer is in full swing. The “It’s gonna be May” memes are behind us and the 4th of July fireworks are on their way, you’re probably wondering the starts will be throwing your way. Maybe you’re hustling hard at work so you can enjoy those Summer Fridays for the last month in a half. Or, you’re traveling the world. Either way, here’s what the stars are throwing your way for the rest of the sunny season.


Happy Birthday darling Cancer! Since it’s your bday month it’s time to shine. But, right after you blow out those candles on your birthday cake you may realize that you’ve been dragged down with old relationships, friendships and activities. This Summer do things that set your soul on fire! Find new peeps, take up new hobbies and rethink your hopes and wishes for the future. If this causes a rift with your current group, carry on. They’ll either adjust or you’ll find new people who love the new, stronger you.


You’re the mighty lion that’s been chasing riches, success, recognition and all that jazz for quite some time now. All of a sudden, you will feel an upheaval and it just may lead to an epiphany. Maybe you still want those things, but what in what manner. You want recognition, but WHAT do you want to be known for? Stay tuned.


This month you’re rethinking your place on Earth. NO BIGGIE. But, don’t worry this is all in service of your greater self. Figure out what beliefs, practices and habits you have that are no longer serving you. Discard what doesn’t. Keep and expand on what does. Reorganize your everyday life and reap the benefits.

Libra- charmer, loved by all, and admirer of all things beautiful in life. Well, this month it’s time to take a walk on the dark side. Welcome to the emotional adventure that is Summer. Explore all that you’re feeling, experiences from the past and your current emotional state. This will give you not only a deeper understanding of yourself and why you do what you do. But, it will also give you profound insight into others.


This month will be all about relationships. And also, beginnings and endings. Take with that what you will. Summer will bring to light your true feelings about the people in which you trust your heart. Does that person make you feel bad? Time to kick them to the curb. This other person makes you feel infinite? Well then, hang on and enjoy the ride. Either way, things will change for the better. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at first.


Believe in your strengths. Everyone sees them, but it’s time that you do too. This month you’ll realize that deep down, under layers of false bravado, you may find you have fears that are affecting how you behave in life. Maybe it’s a fear of inadequacy that’s holding you back. Or, a feeling that things never work out for you. This month you’ll find that your subconscious is driving you in ways you may not have notice. Take control of your inner life and you’ll create an outer life that works for you.


You love work. In fact, you’ve probably turned what you love into a job. But, what happens when you stop chasing that next mountain that you can summit? What if you just enjoyed the view from the top for a while? This month express yourself, fall in love, fall out of love, be creative for the hell of it and do more things that make you happy. By giving into the present you may actually find more inner peace than just seeing what else you can take on.


Summer is all about home and family for you. But, not in that warm and fuzzy Mom just cooked dinner kind of way. You’ll be confronted with areas in which your home no longer aligns with your current self. That could mean literally moving out of your current home, or letting go of beliefs from your past that no longer bring you warm feelings. You’re growing up and you’re allowed to change; you just need people and space that will allow that.


Ahhh another sign whose perceptions of the world around them will change. Seems like there’s a pattern right? Summer, we’re onto you. Pisces, your mind is whirring with new thoughts, feelings and perceptions. And, you don’t know what to do with it. Be the boss of your own life, trust your intuition regarding these new feelings and don’t forget to practice self-care and take mental breaks to unwind.


This Summer you may need to shake things up. The bull may be one for loving its creature comforts, but don’t allow yourself to fall into complacency. Take a risk and live in your own truth, regardless of what others think/expect to you!


This month will be one of discovery, particularly in regards to your perception of life as you know it. This may sound dramatic, but it can be fun. Opening your mind can be scary at first, but realizing you have old beliefs that no longer serve you can be freeing. Trust your intuition during this, let things go and you may be lighter than air by the time September rolls around.