Porter Blue Bonnie Bib Overalls

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Bonnie Bib

Introducing the Bonnie Bib, an exceptional denim bib overalls, expertly crafted to embody the fusion of Porter Blue finesse and People of Leisure's commitment to timeless, eco-conscious fashion. Each 'Bonnie Bib' is a testament to skillful artisanship, brought to life by the hands of dedicated artisans in Sri Lanka.

Fabricated with 81% cotton, including 40% organic BCI cotton, blended with 11% lyocell, 6% EME, and 2% elastane, this piece is not just about style but also sustainability. The EME – a Lycra T400 yarn – boasts sculpting technologies, ensuring that the 'Bonnie Bib' retains its shape wear after wear, wash after wash, never bagging out. Lyocell adds to its charm, with smooth fibers that are kind to sensitive skin and allergies, and its production process is less water and energy-intensive, making it fully biodegradable.

The 'Bonnie Overall Bibb' is designed to enhance and hug your curves in all the right places, thanks to the sculpting Lycra T400 yarns. It features a high-rise bell-bottom overall fit, with an 11-inch rise, a 32-inch inseam, and a 21.25-inch leg opening. The adjustable shoulder straps and workwear-inspired patch pocket styling add to its practical elegance, while the blind hem extends an additional 3 inches for customizable length and extended wear.

This creation is not just a garment but a narrative of conscious creation, echoing 'People of Leisure's' dedication to ethically made apparel. It's a statement of fashion's capacity to be both aesthetically pleasing and benevolent. The generous pockets, accentuated with golden threads, are a testament to functionality married with grace.

Donning the 'Bonnie Bib' means embracing a legacy of fashion that cares deeply for the planet, its people, and the individuality of each wearer. It's designed for those who value luxury in sustainability and cherish the unique story woven into every stitch.

Ethically made in Sri Lanka


  • Fabric: 81 % Cotton (40% Organic BCI Cotton) - 11% Lyocell - 6% EME - 2% Elastane
    • EME - A Lycra T400 yarn which has sculpting technologies and will never loose its shape. Wear after wear and wash after wash this denim will retain its original shape and never bag out.
    • LYOCELL - Lyocell's smooth fibers make it a great choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Sustainability. The production process uses less water and energy than traditional fabrics. Furthermore, lyocell is fully biodegradable, reducing its environmental impact once disposed of.
  • Bonnie Overall Bibb will enhance and hug your curves in all the right places with the use of sculpting Lycra T400 yarns. 
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Workwear inspired patch pocket styling
  • Blind hem that extends 3" additional inches for hem customization and extended length

Measurement Specifications:

  • Fit: High Rise Bell Bottom Overall
  • Rise 11"
  • Inseam: 32"
  • Leg Opening: 21.25"


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