5 Los Angeles Hikes That'll Get You Outside - Life Clothing Co

The stereotype in LA is that we don't walk. Instead, we creep slowly along the 405 and curse the fact that traveling six miles across town costs you about an hour of your time. The expanse of the city makes it difficult to ditch the car and travel on foot. Although, the one time Angelenos will do so is for a good hike.

Hiking is a prime fitness and social activity in Los Angeles. Maybe it's because we have sunshine almost every day of the year? Perhaps it's because this city is so expensive that the only activity we can afford is to do is breathe air. Either way, lace up your shoes and head to one of these trails to enjoy some epic views.

Malibu Creek State Park- Malibu

Saddle Peak Trail (Backbone Trail) in Malibu Creek State ParkCreative Commons

This hike offers hikers views of Hollywood history and nature. You can see remnants of the set from the infamous show MASH. The other hidden gem is the Rock Pool, a gorge situated amongst rocky cliffs and shady sycamore trees. Take a break by or a swim in its refreshing water. Since this is an expansive hike with multiple trailheads find further instructions here. 


El Matador Beach- Malibu

El Matador State Beach by Prayitno | Wikipedia Commons 

The hike to El Matador Beach is worth it any time of the day. Although it is most impressive at sunset. Staggering arches and rock formations are what make this beach a standout from the others and well worth the trek.

Eaton Canyon- Pasadena

Eaton Falls by Scott Medling | Wikipedia 

Waterfalls in LA seem like something of a legend. Which is enough reason alone to pay a visit to Eaton Canyon. This nature preserve boasts a serene place to take dip after your hike at the base of its 40-foot waterfall.

Bridge to Nowhere- Pasadena

Bridge to Nowhere by Victorrocha | Wikimedia Commons 

If you're looking for a true outdoor adventure then look no further. The sight of the abandoned bridge which this hike derives its name is only the tip of the iceberg. This hike is not for the novice as wading through water and an optional 10-foot bungee jump off the bridge are a part of the trail. Find out more about its history and what you need to pack for the excursion here

Bronson Canyon- Griffith Park 

Top of Mount Lee and iconic landmark of the Hollywood Sign by Daveynin | Flickr 

The Bronson Canyon hike to the Hollywood sign is a must. It's cliche but looking out over the expanse of the City of Angels is also impressive in its own right. Moreso, a few trail detours lead to the Bronson Cave from Batman and the Hollywood Reservoir.