Life Clothing Co. is.....

a long night under the city skyline,  "A Little Piece of My Heart" playing out of a jukebox at a dive bar in downtown LA. 

...a trip to the desert spent with the other wild hearts in Joshua Tree. 

...a beach day spent on the loud Venice Beach Boardwalk. No shoes, no shirt, no worries. 

...the strum of a guitar from aspiring rockers warming up for a set at The Roxy.  

Life Clothing Co. is an LA native. Born in the city of dreamers, raised on the spirit of rock n' roll, and come to life by the free spirits who embody it all. 

We create everything in Los Angeles from our graphic tees to bell bottoms, jewelry, and our new Concert Collection. Our collections are the go-to for licensed tees from your favorite artists from the Rolling Stones to Snoop Dog, Janis Joplin, and more. Check us out and add a piece of LA to your wardrobe.