Add THESE Activities to Your Summer Bucket List - Life Clothing Co
If there is such a thing as magic, then summer is undoubtedly one of its doings. The air is warmer, the flowers are blooming, and the sun generously lends us a few extra hours each day. The energy is undeniable. But, just as fast as summer arrives, it leaves us again. That means we must take squeeze every last ounce out of it. Here are our activities to add to your summer bucket list.

Attend a pool party.
Remember how excited you used to be to get an invitation to a pool party as a kid? Why not recreate this as an adult? Look up trendy hotels in your area and see if they have any on their events calendar.

Buy a new piece or two for your "summer wardrobe."
New season, new wardrobe, right? We wish! However, purchasing that dress or top you've been eyeing can breathe fresh life into your look and honestly, it's a great way to "treat yourself."

Spend a weekend away.
There are many ways to get creative and have a summer of adventure in your hometown. Although, we say a change of scenery is in order. Did you know getting away boosts productivity and creativity when you return from your trip? Well, now you have no excuse not to go on that cabin trip with your friends.

Cook an entire meal using ingredients from the local farmer's market.
From tasty peaches and juicy watermelon to crisp bell peppers and vine-ripe tomatoes, produce is the best this time of year. Support local growers and merchants with the challenge of making an entire meal from farmer's market fare. You can easily spend an afternoon tasting the fresh-baked loaves of bread, cheeses, and other delicious items to accompany your dinner.

See the beach at least once.
No summer is complete without a day at the beach. There's something about salty air, pounding waves, and hot sand on your feet that's so freeing.

Go Glamping.
Why go camping when you can go glamping? This is the ultimate girl's trip. Get outside and hopefully connect with nature and disconnect from social media, although you will want to capture a picture or two of your stylish campsite.

Create a summer reading list.
Let go of whatever residual feelings you have about "summer reading" because this time, it's up to you. No professor or teacher decides whether you read Hamlet or reread the Gossip Girl books all summer. Besides, a good story is a vacation for the mind even if you can't physically be somewhere else.

Attend a concert.
Many famous artists tour during the summer so you're more likely to see them coming to a city near you. If none of them pique your interest, then check out the free offerings in your area. Most cities have a summer concert series where you can catch some tunes while relaxing under the stars.