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Spring and Break are two of the most beautiful words ever to be spoken in the English language. What is better than sunshine, escaping the day-to-day grind, and exploring more than your Instagram feed? The problem is that the world is cruel and once you walk across that stage at graduation life strips you of your spring break privileges. But, truly everyone deserves a little time off as the season changes. That being said, I think that we should then we should take back what's rightfully ours! Here are the reasons why you should always "Spring Break" no matter what. 

You're still in college
First things first, if you're still in school then there are no excuses. Spring Break is a week off with no homework and responsibilities. TAKE IT. One day you'll be in the real world and wish that you could take time off. Whether you spend it on a beach in Mexico, on a family trip camping, or international travel, don't let this time pass you up.

Spring is a time of renewal
The seasons are changing, and the dark stormy skies of winter are turning blue. And if they're not blue, that's even more of an excuse to see some sunshine. As Robin Williams famously said, "Spring is nature's way of saying 'let's party.'" Also, the ancient Romans and Greeks made it a ritual to celebrate the transition of season. So who's to argue with that?

Traveling sparks your creativity
Taking a step away from routine and opens the mind to new and exciting ideas. When you do the same thing day in and day out, then your brain goes on autopilot. Our brains are incredible and are always looking for ways to save energy and mental bandwidth. This tactic is great for our daily tasks but terrible for creativity. It's time to shake it up!

Taking time off boosts productivity
You're not a hero if you push yourself too hard at work and burn out. Most of us are expected to be on all the time which isn't healthy. We need time to decompress and genuinely enjoy some time off. As kids, we get Summer vacation, Fall break, Christmas, and Spring break. When we grow up, we don't magically outgrow that need to recharge and come back refreshed. If anything we need it MORE as adults.

You've earned it
Back to the adulting thing...it's challenging! You deserve a little time to play. Even it only means spending a few days at a friend's place an hour away. Or, get a beach vacation on Groupon and experience another culture. Either way, find a way to spend a little time where you can have a drink in one hand and set your e-mail's auto-reply to "out of the office."