Currently Crushing on…. - Life Clothing Co

This time of year, always brings out two kinds of people- the lover and the hater. The lover sees life through rose-tinted glasses and Valentine’s just turns them into a real-life version of the heart eyed emoji. Then there’s the hater. They swore off the holiday after we stopped putting sweet notes in each other’s heart-sticker adorned mailboxes in elementary school. But, secretly eats all of the candy once it goes on sale the next day…Either way we have something you can crush on whether you are single, taken or anything in between- the Crushed Velvet Collection.

Velvet was thrust back into the spotlight after New York Fashion Week and the fashion world decided that the luxurious fabric would be the new object of its affection. And could you blame them? Is there anything better than wrapping yourself in soft velvet in candy colors from rich wine, to gilded gold, and crisp cerulean? We think not. For a romantic date wear the Beverly Velour Wrap Dress that combines a feminine wrap style look with a daring plunging neckline. The Melrose Crushed Velvet Jumper is a retro one-piece with spaghetti straps and a wide leg; perfect for any Galentine’s Day festivities. And all of the drapey Velvet Sleeve Wing Kimonos paired with the Velvet Bell Bottoms are giving us all the Coachella vibes.

This collection consists of 53 irresistible pieces that can be mixed and matched for a subtle look or maximum impact. Grab a few pieces and start feeling all those romantic vibes. Trust, this Crushed Velvet capsule will make you believe in love again.