Don't Call Them "Resolutions" - Life Clothing Co
At the beginning of a new year, we are bombarded with, "New year, new me" from the resolution activists. Or, "Resolutions don't work, and you won't stick to them" from the naysayers. Statistically, most people ditch their resolutions because they're too lofty or there are no real steps to reaching them.

That doesn't mean you should take yourself out of the game. We think that collectively deciding to be better than we used to be is a beautiful thing. Here are some small changes that'll make a big difference in the new year.

Say "Sorry" Less
If you do need to apologize to someone then please, please do. But, what we mean is be more unapologetically you. Stand up for your thoughts, opinions, and yourself. If you can't or don't want to do something, then don't do it. This action is about respecting yourself.

Go Outside More
Your body and soul crave nature. Invite a friend to go on a walk instead of talking on the phone. Spend 30 minutes reading a book in the sun on a park bench. Even so, studies show that going barefoot outside or "grounding" helps our bodies recalibrate and reduce stress and pain.

Slow Down
We live in a society that values productivity, often at the expense of our well-being and mental state. If you're always on the go, carve out a little time for yourself. Also, try not to overbook yourself when you don't have to. If you don't slow down your body will slow YOU down. Usually in the form of getting sick.

Do Something New Every Month
Did you know that spending money on experiences leads to greater happiness? You reap the benefits from the anticipation of the event, the experience itself, and the memories afterward. Besides, new experiences help broaden our mental framework and, not to mention, they're EXCITING.

Don't Make Excuses
If you find yourself focusing on reasons why you CAN'T do something, dig a little deeper. Is it a fear of failure? Lack of cash flow? Once you find the underlying reason, you can work on figuring out how to eradicate that problem.

A cleanse can mean multiple things for multiple people. Do you need to free yourself of people in your life, items your closet, social media accounts, or food in your diet? Find what is weighing you down and then purge. Keep what you love and let go of what doesn't. You'll feel lighter and brighter after I promise.