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Fall in Love This Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is approaching and, depending on your relationship status; it can make you feel a certain kind of way. Cupid may not have struck you in the heart, but that doesn't mean you can't still fall in love. In fact, there are so many other things besides a significant other that can give you heart eyes.

Some of those are:

Your Friends
Those friends that are like family are treasures, cherish them. Many have gotten you through rough times, created new memories with you, and helped you become the person you are now.

Where You Live
Fall in love with the city in which you live. Establish your favorite spots, learn about its history, and love it based on why you're here. Is it because it allows you to follow your dreams? Do you like the weather? Does your family live here?

What You Do
If you're passionate with your chosen career, then bravo! That's a reason to celebrate. If you cannot find a reason to fall in love with what you do, then see what fulfills you. Then, pursue it- even if it's a side gig. Life is too short to be spent in a cubicle with people who you'd rather have a voodo doll of in your desk than spend happy hour with.

Your Freedom
Want to pack up and move across the country? What about book a plane ticket to Costa Rica because you felt like it? You can. Get a pet if you want to, cut your hair if you feel like it! You have the gift of doing what you wish to, (mostly) without the opinion of anyone else. One day, you'll be a part of a beautiful love story, but you'll have to worry about whether that person prefers cats or dogs.

Where does your soul ache to go? Whether it's a new beach town a few hours up the coast, or a two two-month long Roman holiday, work towards it making it happen. Remember all that freedom we talked about previously? Allow it to take you somewhere new where you can fall in love with its people and places.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you have. Spend time on self-care and self-love. Drink your favorite wine, take yourself to dinner, read your favorite book, and fall in love with what makes you, you.