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Fashion can be incorporated in almost every aspect. A trend in any medium, like, furniture, buildings, shoes, watches etc. is fashion. Fashion is now more so related to clothing and people’s outlook. Over the years, fashion improvised and outgrew trends as it went, each decade gave rise to new styles and inventions.

Fashion in terms of clothing kept changing, which was the only constant action. Unisex clothes started back in the 1960’s were both men and woman dressed similarly. And in the 1970’s coats were the latest trend. Before this time, woman mostly dressed in long flow corset gowns while men wore bell bottom pants and shirts with a bow.

The Fashion capitals are, Paris, Milan, New York City and London. As fashion progressed, even common people started upgrading their wardrobes to the latest trends in fashion not just for adults but for kids as well. And in today’s fashion designers have started re-visiting vintage looks and incorporating them with modern twists. Clothes can be purchased not just at stores anymore, but with e-commerce being a boon in today’s world, fashion is at your fingertips.

LIFE Clothing, is one such source,a brand in itself showcases its superior online collections are certainly tempting. It is known for both its Vintage and trendy collections. People can choose from a varied range of clothing under three main sections. These being Lost and Free, Citizens of the sea and lastly Luna Dreamers.

Our collection includes every person’s fantasy clothing style that is easily made available to enhance your look which by far will be a sexy and trendy addition to your wardrobe. And what’s more, it’s available for both men and woman. LIFE Clothing is the place to shop for all those boys, girls, ladies and men who have that eye for Fashion.