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Coachella has begun and the infamous Ferris wheel at the Empire Polo Grounds will take its second spin for weekend 2 this Friday. Those who attended last weekend’s festival are busy posting on Instagram and trying to reenter real life while dealing with the post-Coachella Blues. The lucky bunch making the pilgrimage to Indio in a couple days are curating the perfect outfits and deciding their set times. Coachella is much more than a music and art show in the desert, it is the kickoff to music festival season.

Whether you were able to attend, or Coachella isn’t your scene, there is a lineup up festivals this Summer that will make you want to take a road trip for a song.

Lightning in a Bottle- California Central Coast

May 24-27

Lightning In a Bottle Festival

Want to dance your face off and soul search all in the same place? Then look no further than LIB festival. One of the most unique set-ups, this event places emphasis on music, food, art, yoga AND wellness. In recent years, much of the buzz surrounding the experience was about attendees’ moments of self-actualization and connectedness, not the partying and music. But, they aren’t skimping on the tunes this year with big name acts such as ZHU, Anderson. Paak and Girrafage. Hit up one of these sets then head over to a creative painting workshop, a seminar or a vegan cooking class. Here at LIB, you really can have it all.


Electric Daisy Carnival- Las Vegas. Nevada

May 18-20

Electric Daisy Carnival Festival

Do dreamy synths and bass drops make you go wild? When the right beat hits and the lights wash all over you do you feel most alive? If so, it may be time to check out the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Situated off the strip at the Motor Speedway, EDC is like Vegas on drugs- beautiful euphoria-inducing drugs. The biggest names in electronic music like Alan Walker, Flux Pavilion, Diplo and more will be performing under one of the most amazing light shows you’ll ever see. When the fireworks go off mid-festival you’ll understand why they say, “Meet me under the electric sky.”


Governors Ball- New York, NY

June 3–5

Governor's Ball Festival

 The New York Times dubbed Governor’s Ball, “A festival with a New York heart.” Now what exactly does that mean? A festival with a plethora of pizza options? A festival with fast walkers and talkers? While yes, the food scene is unparalleled, it is more than that. The well-curated festival celebrates not only music, but also New York’s contribution to the art scene. In fact, each borough is represented with its musical acts but its entire presentation. As America’s largest city, it is wild that this is New York’s only big-ticket festival and it's in its infancy at only 8 years old. Here at Governor’s Ball you'll experience NYC in a way a tour guide never could.


Bonnaroo- Manchester, TN

June 7–10

Bonnaroo Festival

Bonnaroo proves that three days isn’t enough with its impressive four days of music in the backroads of Tennessee. This isn’t the rich hippies and fashion glitterati that is at the forefront of the Coachella scene. This is a down and dirty Southern experience. From camping, to the funky lineup that will showcase everyone from Muse, Eminem, and Kaskade, this is the ultimate good time. Everyone just wants to vibe out and DGAF about the actual “scene.”


Lollapalooza- Chicago, IL

August 2–5

Lollapalooza Festival

Image by EMR via Flickr

One of the most diverse musical lineups come together every year at Grant Park in the Windy City for three days of raging. Lolla has its roots in rock and roll as it was founded by Jane’s Addiction front man Perry Farrell in the early nineties. It has since expanded as a must-attend for anyone who wants a weekend of music, beer and world-famous Chicago pizza. You may have to brace yourself for the humidity, but the rocker vibes from acts like the Artic Monkeys, Chvches and Post Malone will keep you cool. 


Splash House- Palm Springs, California 

June 8-10, August 10-12

Splash House Festival

A music festival in the sweltering Palm Desert heat sounds like a death wish we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. But, Splash House decided to ditch the Empire Polo Fields for a three-day poolside soiree. Even better, the house DJ sets all take place at the Renaissance, the Riviera Resort and the Saguaro. So, feel like taking a nap, getting a snack or changing your “outfit” that just isn’t quite working? Literally go upstairs! Or take a quick shuttle back to your room at the other hotels. Partying has never been more convenient.


HARD Summer- San Bernardino, California

August 4-5

Hard Summer Festival

 Image by Shaneplustwo via Wikipedia Commons

If EDM and hip-hop had a baby it would be HARD Summer. The Los Angeles Times calls it, “L.A’s definitive dance festival.” Interestingly enough, Hard Summer’s roots started when founder Gary Richards used to throw underground raves in Santa Monica in years past. As EDM rose in popularity it snowballed into downtown Los Angeles’s first festival of its kind in 2007. Now, the festival is being held in San Bernardino and will surely have its usual recipe of killer acts, carnival rides and watering holes galore.


Outside Lands- San Francisco, CA

August 11–13

Outside Lands Festival

 Image by Alejandro De La Cruz via Flickr

The San Franciscan Outside Lands has become almost a farewell to mainstream Summer festival season. The sunny Golden City days are met by cool foggy nights that are perfect sweater weather. Some of the biggest names in music like The Weeknd, Florence + The Machine and Odeza will rock out for the crowds for three days. But, that is not all; comedy shows, quirky activities and exhibits will keep the crowds occupied between musical acts. Time Out LA informed us that there is a beautiful creation called, “Cheese Lands” and a wine-themed mini golf course. Could it get any better? We don’t think so.

From New York to California, there will be enough festivities to keep everyone singing and dancing all summer. That being said, festival season begins now… and it’s going to be one hell of a Summer!