Let's Get Those Hearts Beating Faster...Not Your Average Valentine's Day - Life Clothing Co

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and regardless of your relationship status we feel the Hallmark holiday is just another excuse for an adventure. And here at Life, we never shy away from a reason to celebrate. Here is a list of activities that sure beat the dinner, movie and the usual Cupid’s Day fare. Now let’s get some hearts pounding.

Sky Diving in Your Own City

See your city from a different perspective. Perhaps from 13,000 feet above? Nothing quite bonds people like a brush with death. Once you hit the ground and the oxytocin is flowing you’ll be asking, “Was that the adrenaline rush, or are you just happy to see me?”

Live Podcast Taping in Portland, Oregon

Portland is hipster’s paradise come to life. If the mass number of microbreweries, gorgeous green foliage and Voodoo Doughnuts wasn’t enough, there are plenty of offbeat activities to partake in. What else is more appropriate then going to a live taping of Dan Savage’s “Savage Love” podcast. The columnist covers all things love and sex with frank honesty and hilarious commentary. Hit the bars after and you'll have things to discuss all night. 

Make a (Food) Baby in Austin, Texas

Austin is a city with an excellent food scene so why not ditch the box chocolates and hit the some of the city’s food trailer parks. From gooey filled doughnuts, to BBQ, and more, you’ll never go hungry. Work off all those cals and go on a mural photo tour and snap some Instagram pics.

Learn to Make Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago, Illinois

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but really the way to her heart is through pizza... The windy city is offering a unique Valentine’s Day experience where you can learn to make pizza by James Beard Award-winning chef Tony Mantuano at Bar Toma on Chicago's Gold Coast. Afterwards, you can enjoy your creations at the restaurant over a bottle of wine (or two).

“Sexpionage” Scavenger hunt in Washington, DC

The International Spy Museum is hosting a scavenger hunt of sexy proportions to celebrate the exhibit Exquisitely Evil – 50 Years of Bond Villains. Why we stopped the scavenger hunt thing once we got older is a mystery. After all, everyone loves a challenge.

Pillow Fight in San Francisco, California

Feel like a kid again at the annual Valentine’s Day pillow fight at Justin Herman Plaza. The crowd meets at dusk kitschy to kick off the fight and its almost a requirement to don some cheesy Valentine’s Day-themed costume.

Learn to “Fly” in Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica’s trapeze school is a popular destination during Summers at the Pier. Beat the crowd and bring a group where you’ll learn some new tricks in the span of a class. Steps away you’ll find the infamous amusement park at the pier where you can see the sunset atop the famed the Ferris wheel.