Life Clothing Co. Holiday Shopping Guide - Life Clothing Co

Holiday shopping can be simultaneously one of the best and one of the worst parts of the season. On the one hand, nothing beats watching the oh-so-lucky recipient of your gift's face light up as they peel back the wrapping paper to unveil something so perfect they didn't even know they wanted. You beam with pride knowing you that if MySpace were still a thing, you'd most definitely have slid into the coveted first place in their Top 8. 

On the flip side, it's not all sugar plums, rainbows, watching Elf on repeat. Some people are HARD to shop for! This can be as disheartening as Buddy finding out his dad was on the Naughty List. Poor guy. Mix that in with dizzying mall traffic, never-ending lines in which you are stuck behind Karen. And yes, she wishes to speak to a manager. 

Although, all hope is not lost. That's because we bring you our Life Clothing Co. Holiday Shopping Guide! Here you'll find something for everyone, or maybe if you've been extra good this year, even yourself. 

For the luxe bohemian - Willow Faux Fur Kimono

Willow Faux Fur Kimono

You won't catch this one in just a hoodie and jeans. In fact, they'd probably dress nicer during the apocalypse than most people would for a night out. The faux fur takes this classic bohemian closet staple into a luxurious stand-out for anything from catching up with hometown friends and holiday parties alike.

For the modern hippie - Kayla Tie-Dye Bells 

Kayla Tie-Dye Bells

Do you know someone who believes they were born in the wrong era? For the person that is the epitome of peace, love, and rock n' roll, look no further than the Kayla Tie-Dye Bells. Gift the pants that are as colorful as they are, and some of that love will definitely be coming your way. 

For the jet setter - Black Rylee Lace Maxi Dress

Black Rylee Lace Maxi Dress

She's always on the go, and the holidays are no exception. This maxi dress is perfect for the girl who isn't hanging with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows in front of a crackling fireplace. Instead, she's on the shores of some exotic locale. The closest she's getting to frostbite is a brain freeze from a frozen margarita. 

For the free spirit Kiss The Moon Art Canvas 

Kiss The Moon Art Canvas

If their style screams "Boho Babe," then their room should follow suit. The Kiss The Moon Art Canvas is the ultimate declaration of the unencumbered lifestyle. 

For the sporty one Stellar Hoodie Zip-Up and Yellow Bells 

Stellar Zip Up Hoodie

Get the outfit that can do both. Soft velvet and banded arm detailing blend style and comfort to create the ultimate "California cool" vibe. The Stellar Hoodie stands out on its own but steals the show when paired with the matching Yellow Bells. The exaggerated bell-bottoms and side slits give it something extra without BEING extra. 

For the humanitarian Nice Human Pari French Terry Pullover

Nice Human Pari French Terry Pullover

Keep the holiday cheer and good vibes going all year long. This sweater is the sartorial equivalent of one of those "Free hugs" signs. Which is what they'll want to give you when they wear this pullover and bask in all its cozy french terry glory. 

For the 90's girl  Nirvana the Band Tee

Nirvana the Band Tee

Does it smell like teen spirit in here? This tee is for the one who believes the 90's never really ended. In fact, they'd argue that it wasn't just a decade, it was a state of mind. This cropped style is on-trend, but its vintage wash lends it just enough grunge, so you don't look like a poser. Now that's rad.