New Year, New Fashion: Begin 2019 With These Must-Haves - Life Clothing Co

The presents have all been wrapped, the bottles popped, and the confetti has settled to the ground. All the pomp and circumstance of the holiday season has come to an end, but the celebrating doesn't have to. It just will take a new form. That form would be new beginnings, new intentions, AND a new wardrobe. Here's a few pieces you need to transition you into the new year. 

Cozy sweater

life clothing co, new year, new fashion

It’s still cold outside- even in LA. So we’re loving these comfy sweaters that pair perfectly with pants, or can be thrown over shorts if the weather calls for it.

Matching sets

life clothing co, new year, new fashion

Double the trouble, double the fun! This takes the guesswork out of picking an outfit- it's all done for you. After all that celebrating, sometimes it's nice to just take it easy. 

Printed kimono

life clothing co, new year, new fashion

You've left 2018 behind and now you're feeling free. This light whimsical piece reflects that. This can be layered over any long or short sleeved tees of your choosing. It also will take you all the way to Coachella with a bralette or bikini top. 

Band tee

life clothing co, new year, new fashion

Set free your inner rockstar with these band tees. Whether dream of being a modern-day Janis or idolize The Rolling Stones, there’s a tee for you.

Bright bells

life clothing co, new year, new fashion
These bells punchy colors reflect the bright optimism that comes with a new year. Comfortable and versatile, they have the power to jazz up any outfit.