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No date no problem how to celebrate this valentine's day
The swift transition from the holidays to Valentine's Day seemingly happened overnight. The elves hung their hats, and cupid took over, transforming our stores from red and green to a hotbed of pink. To some, the mere sighting of red roses and a Hallmark card opens their heart chakra, radiating love to everyone within a five-foot radius. For others, seeing Hallmark triggers their gag reflex.

Traditionally, Valentine's Day existed solely for the celebration of romantic love. But why, when we have so much love in our lives, should we not be honoring that? Well, we never shy away from a moment to celebrate, and this is no different. Here's how to get in the holiday spirit, whether you're letting loose with your besties or nurturing your most important relationship, the one with yourself.
The More (Single) the Merrier! 
no date no problem how to celebrate this Valentine's Day  

Do Valentine's, but with your BFF- Indulge in the ritual of getting ready, wear that new outfit, and partake in the special Valentine's Day tasting menu. 

Throw a Single's party- Toast to your independence with all your single friends. A dance party and pretty pink rosé cocktails are a guarantee you'll be filled with love way past the 14th. 

Have a Sex and the City marathon- Binge watch the show that gave us the quote, “Maybe we can be each other's soul mates. And then we can let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with.” Preach Charlotte! Bonus points if you wear cute PJs and order pizza. 

Ridin' Solo 

No date no problem how to celebrate this Valentine's Day

Volunteer- Share the love by helping others in need. Look up local soup kitchens and give someone a warm meal and a smile. Or, if you love animals more than people, find a shelter that'll let you play with some furry friends. 

Splurge on the trendy workout class you've been dying to tryRemember, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands." Maybe you have less sinister plans this Valentine's Day, but who doesn't love an extra boost and glow from a sweat sesh?

Take a solo trip- Plan a sweet escape to a place that you thought should be reserved for travel with an S.O. Because you're worth it regardless of your relationship status. A more budget-friendly option would be to spend the day exploring another part of town. Wander around, indulging every whim from that cappuccino at a sidewalk cafe to blouse at the vintage store a few doors down. 

Happy Valentine's Day! We LOVE you!