Spring Cleaning: Pieces to Take With You from Winter to Spring  - Life Clothing Co

The term “Spring Cleaning,” probably conjures up memories as a kid when your Mom, or someone in the parental unit, decided it was time to spend a whole weekend cleaning the house. Old items were tossed, floors were scrubbed and furniture was polished. You drudgingly sorted through all the items under your bed while the sun shined brightly outside. Secretly, you cursed the day winter turned to spring because of the spell it laid over adults that made them want to do all these CHORES.

Now, whether or not you partake in the same cleansing rituals, one thing that does sparks a little joy is cleaning out the closet. Before you put away all clothing that has been designated as “winter items” or donate it to charity, some of them will be helpful in transitioning your wardrobe into the new season.


You CAN Take it With You:


Trade the pants for a skirt with you bodysuit and you’ve got a new look. Or no pants at all. Dress it down with cardigan.

 Cardigans/ Kimonos

Perfect for in between weather. Can be worn with a dress or crop top and cut-offs as easily as they were worn with jeans and long sleeves.


Every season, every style, they just work.

 Graphic tees

Wear with a leather jacket, shorts and ankle booties for maximum impact.

Trench Coat

This item usually doesn’t make the leap from Winter to Spring but at fashion week winter jackets were seen over everything from spring dresses to bikinis.

Oversized hoodie

The boyfriend hoodie kept you warm, now it will keep you cool. As in raise your cool factor. If it’s big enough wear it as a dress, wear it with boots or throw on a skirt underneath.

This adult version of Spring cleaning is way more fun. Maybe it’s because then it gives us an excuse to shop and fill our newly empty hangers with new dresses and tops? Our minds run wild with new sartorial possibilities. Maybe because it feels good to purge our lives of things that no longer serve us. Either way, grab a bottle of wine, your girlfriends and have them help you Sex and the City-style.