Week 2 Coachella 🌵✨ - Life Clothing Co



Let's get the party started! If this is your first time attending Coachella here is a list of thing to consider. First off make sure to hydrate your going to be in the sun for hours in extreme heat. Dress appropriately- Life Clothing has great dresses and festival tees for your weekend long stay at Chella. If it’s your first time going, try to camp onsite as a rite of passage. It’s rough, but that’s the point.

If you are a seasoned Chella goer- you already know either rent a hotel or better yet rent a house and have some friends pitch in. This event gets pricy so be prepared to drop some major dough if you're trying to party. Some other things to consider is if you're a heavy instagrammer you are going to want to arrive with full battery and make sure to bring an usb battery pack. Yes, Coachella has a charging station but at this type of event those lines are longer then the restroom.

We saved the best for last, make sure you don't take drugs from strangers and always travel in a pack!


Life Clothing Co.