Your December 2018 Horoscope for Holiday Cheer - Life Clothing Co
Between lavishly-adorned Christmas trees, brilliant white snow, and twinkling lights, nothing shines brighter than December. Except you of course. This month it's time to finish the year strong, celebrate and feel all those holiday feels. So how exactly should you be getting into the festive spirit? Let's take a look at your horoscope and find out.

You're always up for a good time AND still up for a party. So this is your time of year. Take full advantage this month and hit up every ugly sweater party, gift exchange, work party you can. Just don't get too overboard on the holiday spirit(s).

Taurus is a sign of comfort and what's more comforting then movie marathons and fresh baked cookies? This time is yours to get into full lazy mode and indulge. Once Thanksgiving hits, food comas are par for the course for the rest of the season.

You're a restless spirit Gemini, and that makes you the perfect candidate for holiday travel. Ski trip with friends? YES! New Years Eve in Mexico? YES! This is the time to do something different and get out of your comfort zone.

You want to feel the warm cheer that the holidays evoke. Decorating your home with lights, and a few seasonal items will bring about this. You also crave time with your loved ones. Having a cozy gathering with friends is right up your alley.

All the flashiness of the season goes right along with Leo's attention-grabbing personality. Enjoy the spotlight while hosting your party. You can finally show off your Christmas playlist.

You're a perfectionist, so you won't stop until the cookies are perfect, the right presents are picked out, and your home is in perfect order. Nothing brings out your holiday cheer more than when all your ducks are in a row.

There is no better time for Libra than December. Everything is festive, everything is glittery, and everything is social. Get ready for fun, fun fun, but also use this time to give back. Lend a hand to a charitable organization or doing something kind for a loved one.

There's magic in the air this time of year, and it's probably because of you Scorpio. You're a natural flirt and are always the one that brings the mistletoe to the party. You'd probably try and start a game of spin the bottle if that wouldn' t be deemed inappropriate at this age. Keep being your charismatic self and be the reason behind someone's holiday love story.

You want to do All. The. Activities. So take advantage! Grab your friends and get outside, go tubing, ice skating, and hit up a party or two. Don't hesitate to go full out and enjoy yourself and all the season has to offer.

Family and friends will be your source to happiness this December. Let yourself enjoy all the sentimental moments. Partake in traditions, create some new ones, and feel all the nostalgia that it entails.

You're most excited for the New Year's and the beginning of a new chapter. That being said, take time to reflect on this past year and all you've accomplished along the way. THEN go ahead and plan what you're going to move when the clock strikes midnight and all your New Year's resolutions.

Dear sweet ram, you want to use this time to connect. Connect with friends over a movie marathon, connect with family with your holiday traditions, connect with yourself by thinking about what you want in the new year.