Misfits Authentic Vintage Men's Camo Jacket


Take a look at this gem - the Misfits Upcycled Authentic Military Men's Camo Jacket. It's like someone stole the essence of rock 'n' roll, wrapped it in an homage to military chic, and released it loose on the streets of LA. This jacket has a purpose, a feel, and a voice ready to sing out hits alongside Misfits' electric power chords. It's not your typical denim jacket.

Hand-stitched in the bustling heart of Los Angeles, this baby's more than just a piece of clothing. It's a high-five to the mavericks, the music lovers, the planet protectors, and the style pioneers.  With its upcycled authentic military camo fabric, it honors the past while embracing the future. If your closet could talk, it'd be begging for this number – because this jacket doesn't just whisper cool, it shouts it with the kind of raw, vintage edge that only comes from a mix of classic rock nostalgia and a badass commitment to doing right by Mother Earth.

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This product is not eligible for a return or refund as it falls under the "Vintage Item Sales Policy."

Care Instructions

To maintain the quality of this uniquely dyed item, please wash it separately before wearing it for the first time. The dyeing process gives each garment distinctive variations in shading and color, which is intentional by design. These features contribute to the garment's individuality and charm. To prevent dye transfer, continue to wash this item separately until the color stops running. When pairing with lighter clothing, choose carefully to avoid color bleeding.

Vintage Item Sales Policy

We take pride in offering authentic vintage products that come with their unique history, including some signs of wear and tear. To keep the charm and integrity of these treasures, all sales of our vintage items are final and cannot be returned for a refund. We appreciate your understanding and hope you'll enjoy the timeless beauty of our carefully curated collection.

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