Anti-Social Oscar The Grouch Oversized Men's Tee


Flaunt your eco-chic ethos with a twist of playful irreverence in our Anti-Social Oscar The Grouch Oversized Men's Tee. Crafted with 100% cotton up-cycled T-shirt in LA, this shirt isn't just a style statement—it's a manifesto of sustainability. It's comfort meets conscience for those who like their fashion with a side of environmentalism and a dash of iconic nostalgia. Perfect for those days when you want your outfit to do the talking—and say, "I care about the planet."

Care Instructions

To maintain the quality of this uniquely dyed item, please wash it separately before wearing it for the first time. The dyeing process gives each garment distinctive variations in shading and color, which is intentional by design. These features contribute to the garment's individuality and charm. To prevent dye transfer, continue to wash this item separately until the color stops running. When pairing with lighter clothing, choose carefully to avoid color bleeding.

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