Porter Blue Scout Short

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Scout Short

For the connoisseurs of couture who crave a narrative stitched into the very seams of their attire, the 'Scout Short' emerges as a tapestry of conscious creation.

Imagine a garment that tells a tale – the 'Scout Short' is exactly that. Envision the breezy linen, cultivated with a gentle touch on eco-conscious farms, journeying through the hands of artisans whose laughter and chatter are as integral to the creation as the fabric itself. These shorts don't just hang on a rack; they carry the spirit of the hands that wove them, the pride of the tailors who cut and sewed them with precision that machines can't emulate.

Notice the subtle flair – the paperbag waist nipped in by a D-ring belt, the color of which mirrors the earthy tones of the shorts. It's a deliberate nod to form meeting function with elegance. The pockets? Set just right to slide your hands into, a casual reminder that luxury doesn't have to try hard. And that contoured back – it's not just for show. It's a crafty hug that says these shorts were made for you, for your form, for your stride.

Wearing the 'Scout Short' is akin to donning a piece of art. It's for those who walk into a room and bring with them a story – of sustainable threads, of fashion that feeds the soul and the soil, of luxury that's more than just a label. It's for you, the discerning soul, who knows that what graces your skin also touches lives across the globe. 

Ethically made in Sri Lanka


  • Paperbag Waist
  • D-Ring Belt
  • Cuffed Hem

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